Best Florida Fishing Trips

Best Florida Fishing Trips

If you’re out to get the best fishing trip in Florida, then you’ve come to the right place. As a state with some of the most beautiful coastal cities, beaches, and great blue waters, a Florida fishing trip can be such an amazing experience if you get the right help and you know the exact places to go. Fishing enthusiasts from across the US and other parts of the world gather at Florida’s amazing destinations for its array of great fishing opportunities. And just so you know, Florida is touted by many as the World’s Fishing Capital.

For a lot of people, a fishing adventure is about making a good catch; but for others it is about being close to the ocean and navigating the currents. Whatever your reason for a fishing trip, going through the right routes and taking a charter that knows the right places to go will be crucial to ensuring that you have the best fishing experience. This post will reveal the many fishing hotshots that Florida offers, including Key West and St Augustine, depending on the type of fish you want.

  1. Key West

If you’re into fishing or have done some research about fishing in Florida, you must’ve heard about Key West. Arguably one of the most popular fishing destinations in Florida (and probably the US), Key West is a great choice for a fun-filled fishing trip. Beyond fishing, it is an attractive tourist destination for visitors from across the world. There is a variety of fish to catch at Key West and Ernest Hemingway knows what I’m talking about. From Marlin, Tarpon, Bonefish, and Tuna, to several other saltwater fish, you can hardly get it wrong at Key West- whether alone or with family.

  • St. Augustine

There’s no way you can talk about fishing in Florida without talking about St. Augustine. Don’t take my word for it; ask experienced anglers and they’ll tell you St. Augustine is one of the best fishing destinations in Florida. The good thing about fishing in America’s “official” oldest city is the fact that it offers a plethora of options; big game fishing in the open waters, or a more peaceful lake or river fishing. This is why it is suitable for all kinds of fishermen and anglers, beginners or experts, whether from piers or bridges, kayaks or skiffs, and even deep-sea charters. charter fishing in St Augustine is the most popular choice!

  • Key Largo

If you crave a good sight while you have the best fishing experience, then Key Largo is a great option. The surroundings are idyllic, with large mangrove forests and expansive flats all around. Whether it’s offshore or reef fishing, Key Largo offers some of the most colorful varieties in Florida, and watching those shoals move past your boat occasionally can be a thrilling experience. You can get Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish, along with other great fish varieties for your pleasure. What’s more, it doesn’t even matter if you’re an expert angler or just a beginner.

  • Cedar Key

Talk about charm and small towns and you won’t be far from the truth. With only about 1,000 residents, this gem is like a treasure in the midst of a cluster of small islands. You’d find expert native fishermen in this small fishing town that hosts a plethora of fishing hotspots where you can throw in a line. If you’re a gulf shore expert fisherman or beginner, you’d find the Seahorse Reef just south of Cedar Key very interesting. And just around the Big Bend area, you’d find Cedar Creek covered with lush seagrass; an amazing spot for launching.

You can also get your share of big game fish like King Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout, and Spanish Mackerel in the shallow backwaters overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Stuart

At Florida’s Eastern seaboard, you’ll find the Treasure Coast, a legendary hotbed for Snook. Some people call this amazing city the World’s Sailfish Capital and this further explains why the city’s emblem is a sailfish, sitting at the center of the town’s square and circled by 15 marinas. Although December through March and from June to July are the peak seasons for fishing in Stuart, you’d find fishing enthusiasts and career fishermen hunting the waters all year long. So, whether in summer or spring, the city’s wide waterways make Stuart a top destination for Florida’s best fishing trips.

Fishing excursion? Think Destin. You don’t even need a rabbit’s foot, the city is called the luckiest fishing village in the world for a reason. There are at least 140 vessels to choose from, making Destin home to Florida’s largest fishing fleet. You can decide to go calm and choose a pier that suits you while you occasionally cast a line off, or you can explore the emerald waters at the Gulf of Mexico and take your chance at the amberjack, sailfish, Mackerel, wahoo, snapper, grouper, blue Marlin, and Tuna that they offer.

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